Excell Lewis

Chairman & CEO

A results-oriented leader in multiple industries, Excell Lewis III is the Chairman & CEO of Mynd Match Development Group, LLC. Inc. Excell began his business career at XL Academics, Inc., where he served as Founder and Chief Executive Officer for 10 years. In this role he worked diligently with Illinois state departments and Illinois based construction trade unions to create training programs and advance construction/development projects for Boone and Winnebago Counties in support of the $400-million Urban Weatherization Act, and the $64 million dollar Energy Impact Illinois initiative to certify diverse learners and assist in career placement. His experience in the workforce development field, along with his commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has allowed him to lead international discussions on diversity in the Higher Education Industry (Seoul Korea, Hamilton Bermuda, US Virgin Islands, Dublin Ireland and throughout the United States), and he is currently responsible for raising capital for companies in the education and business service industries.

In 2016 he created Mynd Match, Inc., an Ed-Tech company that houses the Learning Relationship Management System (LRMS), which allows learners to build holistic learning experiences. Under his leadership the company entered into a development partnership with Kiwi Tech in Kochi, India, and has a user base that is actively expanding into 243 communities across the country. Excell is currently leading Mynd Match through its Series A round of $3 million in debt/equity.

Excell’s interest and passion for community and job creation, lead him to expand the Mynd Match brand in 2018, launching two affiliate companies: Mynd Match Development Group, LLC (MMDG), a real estate investment and land development corporation, and Mynd Match Ventures, LLC’s, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on investing in diverse companies across the midwestern and southern regions of the United States. In just three years, MMDG’s portfolio has grown to include a $22 MM mixed use public/private development project in Rockford, Ill., and a $111 MM mixed use public/private development project in East Point, Ga. In addition, Mynd Match Ventures is actively raising $38 million toward real estate development and an additional $15 million for the commercialization of early-stage, minority-owned, Illinois-based tech startups.

Excell earned his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Corporate Communication, and his Master of Adult & Higher Education from Northern Illinois University. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Instructional Education at his Alma Mater. Excell has held several board appointments, most recently serving three years on the Board of Directors of the Rockford Park District Foundation, which has raised more than $45 million dollars for people, projects, and places that the Rockford Park District supports.