Choate Construction Company

General Contractor

Founded in 1989, Choate Construction Company was a basement start-up, begun during a recession when construction opportunities were sparse, and the employee roster was small. Today, Choate employs nearly 450 full-time professionals. But like the basement days, Choate maintains a flat management style, with a focus on maintaining accessibility and communication between executive management and employees in the field. This structure provides for a collaborative exchange of knowledge and experiences, in which everyone strives for the best solution to any building challenge. Results include proactive solutions, cost-saving efficiency, and a level of quality that reaches beyond design/building requirements to actual performance needs.

Firm Overview

  • 500+ Employee Owners
  • $1.13 Billion Average 5-Year Revenue

6 Offices

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Charleston, SC
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Nashville, TN
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Savannah, GA