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The Leader in Developing Cutting-Edge Products that Transform Communities

Mynd Match Overview

Mynd Match, Incorporated, through its portfolio companies, is a leading provider of ed-tech products, mixed-use property developments, and venture capital interests, which all combine to create Live, Learn, Work, Play communities that connect people in meaningful ways. Our brands include Mynd Match Technology, Mynd Match Development Group, and Mynd Match Ventures, as well as a number of other brands, each fostering interconnected community. Through these portfolio companies and their trusted brands, we work to transform communities through the creation of sustainable careers, quality education and learning environments, viable and enjoyable housing options, and diverse entertainment.


Featured Mynd Match Brands

Mynd Match Technology (MMT)

Launched in 2016, MMT’s Learning Management System (LMS) is disrupting the ed-tech industry.

Mynd Match Development Group (MMDG)

Launched in 2018, MMDG specializes in developing mixed-use properties that create, nurture, and enrich connected communities.

Mynd Match Ventures (MMV)

Launched in 2018, MMV invests in early-stage tech companies with promising upside.

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  • Mynd Match Development Group LLC, of Atlanta

    3355 Lenox Road | Suite 1000 | Atlanta, GA 30326
    Headquarters (800) 856-8180 | Atlanta Office (404) 504-7063

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